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What is Limelight?


Limelight is an outreach program offered by the Alnite Alliance, a Denver-based non-profit organization, that supports the creativity and lifestyle of non-traditional live performers in drag, burlesque and cosplay.

The goal of Limelight is to supply new and under appreciated entertainers with assets and experiences that help them create and/or grow their performance persona as a viable business brand. Punctuality, reliability, adaptability, a willingness to learn and professional behavior are the primary traits we seek in selecting Limelight performers.

When selected, entertainers will be granted a stipend with which to create digital content for their art. It could be a performance video, a live stream, a photo shoot or a tutorial video sharing some of their talents. They will also have budgetary assets to produce a small print run of merchandise and can take advantage of training and coaching from established industry professionals.


Selected artists will also be interviewed on camera so that fans and the community at large gets to know more about WHO they are, WHAT they do and WHY they do it.

Non-traditional performers (meaning those not involved in professional theater, dance and music organizations) tend not to have much in the way of infrastructure or support for training, education, making business connections and finding performance opportunities. In the age of pandemic closures, live performance has had to immigrate to the digital realm and not everyone has access to the means, let alone to experience, to create quality art for online consumption. This is a big part of what the Limelight program hopes to subsidize.

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Christopher Allure


Meet our very first featured Limelight artist - Christopher Allure.

They are a Denver-based drag performer, relatively new to the scene and they are looking to grow not only as a performer, but a producer as well.

Click on the links below to watch our interview with them and learn more about who is Christopher Allure.

You can also see a feature interview with Christopher on Denver Channel 7.

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We are proud to announce our very first LimeSlice project featuring Venus Victrola.


Venus is a queer non-binary drag artist who identifies as genderfae (pronouns fae/faer/femme/faerself). Fae presents a variety of performance styles including draglesque, live singing, and classic drag lip-synchs.


Venus hopes to break down barriers between the "letters" of the LGBTQIA+ community with faer's drag for a more unified community.


Venus's project premiered at Night of Noise presented by our friends at Out Boulder County. The Night of Noise celebration is open to ALL ages and identities! The event will included a slam poetry competition, drag performances, and keynote speaker/performer Ryan Cassata.

Click on Venus' picture to watch her LimeSlice video.

Alnite Alliance's LimeSlice outreach program operates in much the same function as LimeLight but with smaller budgets so that we can help even MORE artists showcase their talents.

We help selected LimeSlice artists produce a performance video or other digital product and pay them a stipend. The content created is theirs to use as they see fit.


We will feature their projects on our website and Youtube channel alongside our LimeLight artists.

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