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How We Started

Haus Alnite, a Denver-based drag troupe, was founded in 2017 by Rayven and Brock N. Alnite. As their drag family grew they found that they all shared a desire to do more than just perform, they wanted to "give back and support" their community.

Thus was born the Alnite Alliance, a non-profit organization seeking to enhance the quality and financial viability of the drag and alternative performance scene.

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Who We Are

Board of Directors


Katie McKenna • President

Sarah Kennedy • Vice President​
(she/her • they/them)



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Brooke Murray •  Executive Director

James Brown • Artistic Director

Ryan Schaefer • Social Media Manager
(he/him • they/them)


Operating Membership

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Sidney (Shane) Deschenes (he/him • they/them)

Nick Goedecke (he/him)

Jeff Gold (he/him)

Jeremy Jones (he/him • they/them)

Henry Pittinger (he/him • they/them)

Lewis Shingleton (he/him)

Robert Yeager (he/him)

Ash Elder (he/him • they/them)