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Our Mission

Alnite Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization firmly rooted in and devoted to the life of its community. It is dedicated to promoting and advancing the performing, visual, and creative arts through an ongoing series of performances, scholarships, and outreach programs. Alnite Alliance seeks to provide income opportunities for established and emerging performing artists.

Upcoming Events

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We are working to make this a LIVE, in-person event as COVID restrictions are starting to ease. Let's get together for picnics in the park, coffee on a patio or excursions to fun local establishments where we can hang out and connect! 

Our Purpose

Our Vision

The goal of Alnite Alliance is to provide support and resources for established, retired, and new LGBTQ+ entertainers.


We seek to provide assets for non-traditional entertainers (drag, cosplay, and burlesque) to improve their art, establish professional practices, and better their financial and emotional well-being.


Training, therapy, education, and performance are all tools we utilize to bring about change and betterment for our community.

To empower LGBTQ+ entertainers!

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